Lightning Storm Super Soaker carries the largest water drum yet

Hasbro's really done it this time. After rebooting the Super Soaker franchise with Nerf looks last year and dropping the pump action in favor of battery-powered water spraying fun, the toy company's going bigger. The Lightning Storm is the largest battery-powered Super Soaker to date and it packs a wet wallop.

The battery-powered Thunderstorm was a sweet Super Soaker pistol and the Nerf Hydro Cannon (pumping) could shoot a 19 ounce blast of water up to 35-feet, but both look like kiddy toys compared to the Lightning Storm.

The newest Super Soaker might not shoot as far — only 25 feet — but it does have a water drum that can hold 37-ounces of frigid water to annihilate your friends with — or you know, act as an imaginative wake up call for your sleepy kids. Both work.

You'll notice that it's not just the huge drum that attracts attention, but there's also a detachable stock and blast shield. While I didn't get to handle the Lightning Storm with any water in it, the water blaster does feel unbalanced if you take the stock off. The weight seems to dip towards the front of the Super Soaker without it.

Best of all, all of last year's Thunderstorm magazine clips are compatible, so you can still arm yourself when you're out of water.

The water blaster will cost $25 when it arrives this spring. Get ready to get soaked without all the arm fatigue, and don't forget to buy some AA batteries. You'll need four of them to get this guy's gears going.

(Editior's note: There seems to be some confusion that the Lightning Storm is the largest capacity Super Soaker ever made. It's not. I do want to clarify that the story states the Lightning Storm has the largest water drum to date on a battery-powered Super Soaker. -Raymond)

Via Hasbro

All photos taken by Raymond Wong for DVICE.

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