Keyboard pants bring new meaning to the words laptop computer

If you need to use a computer while on the move, these pants will ensure that you'll always have your keyboard close at hand. That's pretty cool, assuming you don't get arrested for lewd behavior the minute you start typing.

The Beauty And The Geek pants actually do much more than simply providing a typing tool, because they also include a built-in mouse and speakers, and connect to your computer via Bluetooth. The stitching on the seams completes the geeky look, with patterns that are designed to resemble a printed circuit board.

Crated by Dutchman Erik de Nijs, the pants are currently just a prototype. While I expect you might be able to get away with poking feverishly at your crotch while you stare at your computer screen in ultra-liberal Holland, I'm not sure how these would go down in the U.S.

Nieuwe Heren, via PC World

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