Kevlar socks free your toes, offer sneaker-like protection

Kevlar is great for making bulletproof vests, strengthening smartphones and for Mithril jackets. Did you know it's also perfect for making tough as hell socks that'll make you want to ditch sneakers for good? No? Meet the Swiss Protection Sock!

Created by the Swiss Barefoot Company, the Protection Sock is made with a patented knitted fabric consisting of 50 percent Kevlar, 32 percent polyester, eight percent spandex and 10 percent cotton. To protect the soles of the feet, the sock soles are laminated with eco-friendly PLC (printed laminated cover).

So how much protection are we talking about here? According to SWB's little demo video (see below), the socks can provide as much protection as a sneaker can because its fabric can shield feet from cuts. SWB claims the socks can walk and run right over grass, beaches, rocks, glass, broken porcelain and can even be used underwater to prevent cuts from water corals.

And why are these better than sneakers or shoes? You see, human toes aren't made to be cramped into shoes. We run and walk more naturally and faster barefoot. With our toes relaxed and hanging out, we can do things like mountain climbing with greater ease. We become almost — animal-like when barefoot.


In many ways, the Protection Sock is similar to Vibram's FiveFingers shoe that Google co-founder Sergey Brin and many people are so fond of, only less bulky.

But before you swear off sneakers and shoes for good, know that the Protection Sock isn't cheap. One pair costs between $74 to $80 (high and ankle), with a variety of sizes available, and not many different styles. If you hate sneakers and love your socks, these sound like a great pair to invest in.

Swiss Barefoot Company, via Core77

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