10 video game inspired dishes from Capcom's new Tokyo bar

Some would say gaming is as much a part of life as having a good meal. For those who believe that (and are lucky enough to be in the vicinity of Tokyo), a visit to the Capcom Bar is a must see destination. Yes, it's that Capcom — maker of some of the most classic video game titles out there. And now, restaurants.

The Capcom Bar in the Pasela Resort in Tokyo is a fun homage to Capcom's video game lineup. Not only will you find classic gaming arcade cabinets and pared-down décor that will remind you of the neighborhood arcade from your youth, every dish and drink on the menu is themed, too.

You can choose dishes from four games, some of which are familiar to American audiences: Biohazard (which is Resident Evil in the U.S.), the enormously popular Monster Hunter, Sengoku Basara, and the Guyakuten series (also known as Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney). If the dish doesn't resemble something in one of the games, like the blood — er — sauce covered ribs or chocolate brain cake for desert in the Biohazard theme, you'll get whimsical dishes inspired by central characters.

The delicately plated (complete with playful flowers) octopus carpaccio in honor of Keiji Maeda — the good humored, but mysterious warrior whose story is introduced in the action title Sengoku Basara 2 — is a great example of the chef's interpretative skills. There's also drinks served in syringes.

The team behind the bar is looking for things to keep the customers busy aside from munching all that food, although I don't think they'll have to try too hard. They've suggested live shows and game competitions — sound like a great start to us. Now bring on some cosplay, and you're definitely in business.

In the gallery below are some of the translated dishes, including the series they come from. You can see the full line-up here.

Capcom Bar, via Springwise, via TheNextWeb

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