Yes, please: Hot Wheels get iPhone-controlled

Be on the lookout for the latest speed demon on the block — Hot Wheel's iNitro Speeders. These Hot Wheels are controlled via an app for your iPhone. The mini cars are remote controlled via an infrared signal from your iPhone, which gives you five different options for controlling the cars.

While the iNitro Kit comes with a standard dual controller option, obviously it's the marriage with iPhone controlled options that stand out. First you'll have to add an infrared module that plugs into your iPhone headphone port as remote control is not native to the iPhone. Once plugged in you'll be ready to roll.

A product review by Wayne Cunningham at CNET details four very different options for playing with your phone and the cars.

There is a dual stick interface that operates just like a regular dual controller (the iNitro's carrying case doubles as standard controller); there is also an accelerometer function which works by tilting and manipulating the phone in the directions you want it to go.

It starts to get more interesting when you use your fingers and the interface of the phone to send the car speeding around.

There is the "Slide" function that allows you to drag your finger across the interface to control the car, the option of selecting pre-determined patterns (such as a figure eights) for the car to follow, and finally, the ability to draw your own track for the car to follow.

Pretty sweet.

So how do they handle? According to Cunningham's review, the cars are fast - which can make them a bit hard to control with the dual stick. The options that use the iPhone as a graphic interface seem to be easier to control once you get a sense of balance or set out a course for your car.

The iNitro Speeders Kit comes with a Ken Block Fiesta car approximately 1 ¾ inches long and 1 inch wide. The car comes with a carrying case that acts as a charger and a dual stick set up. The kit also comes with a built in racing game.

While the Kit has yet to hit my inbox I love the idea of marrying my iPhone with my love of all thing Hot Wheels. I'm fully prepared to spend hours amusing myself and confounding my dog with these little RC's.

I'm sure some kids may want to play with it but they'll have to pry my phone from my cold, dead hands.


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