MacPad Pro blends MacBook Pro and iPad into dual-screen hybrid

Waiting for the iPad 3? Hold that train of thought for just a second. Imagine if a MacBook Pro had a baby with an iPad. It's poppycock, but that's exactly what Jules Moretti's MacPad Pro concept is, if Apple did make something so insane.

With Apple's rumored slimming of the 15-inch and 17-inch MacBook Pro lineup, Moretti takes Apple's products into a different direction.

Slim and slender, the MacPad Pro is 25 percent lighter than a current MacBook Pro, has two touchscreen Retina Displays and enough ports to satisfy the data junkie. On the left are two Thunderbolt ports, an SD slot and audio jack, and three USB 3.0 ports on the right side.

A touchscreen keyboard might not be the most ergonomic solution, but that's just something a lot of people have gotten used to with their tablets. The potential to a computer like the MacPad Pro is that the bottom screen could morph depending on what app is open.

For example, opening Photoshop might present you with color palettes or cropping tools. A video editor could have video clips on the secondary screen. The possibilities are endless.

It's too bad, The MacPad Pro is only a concept. Well, actually, no, it's not. Acer's $1,200 Iconia-6120 is pretty much this exact concept, only it seems nobody's rushing to buy it, despite some decent reviews.

Jules Moretti, via YankoDesign

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