iPad 3 concept with 3D holographic screen is our dream tablet

It's amazing what you can design when you free yourself from the limitations of engineering. Aatma Studio's iPad 3 concept isn't what Apple's going to announce on March 7, but it's already looking way more interesting and revolutionary than the real deal.

The iPad 3 is expected to have a Retina Display with a crazy 2048x1536 resolution — twice that of the iPad 2's 1024x768. Aatma's design doesn't specify any resolution, but it does swap that one-inch thick bezel for an edge-to-edge display. Me likey!

We're still waiting for real NFC to arrive in the iPad and again, Aatma's design is ingenious. Using the iPad's magnets (only for iPad 2 and up) and NFC, two iPads can be physically attached and data wirelessly connected to create one giant display. And because there's no bezel, the display should look even better.

There's more. The tablet's display is a 3D holographic one that can project controls onto a surface. In their demo reel, a football video game is shown with a player running in 3D, while the field scrolls away from him, creating the illusion of depth and movement.

We've got a pretty solid idea on the iPad 3 that Apple's going to announce on March 7, but this concept is just reaching for the stars (that's a good thing).

Based on all the rumors and leaks, it's believed the iPad 3 will look nearly identical to the iPad 2 (under a millimeter thicker and possibly with slightly more tapering), come with a shiny Retina Display and have upgraded processors, graphics and cameras.

Hold on to your butts because March 7 is in exactly one week.

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