Inflatable tub makes it easy for infirm people to get in and out

The bathroom can be one of the most dangerous places in the home for the elderly or infirm. Making the high step over the side of the tub can be tricky, especially if the floor is wet. This ingenious design makes tub entry safer, with sides that drop down for easy access.

When it's deflated, the sides of the tub are low making it easy to get in. Once the bather is safely on the built in seat, they push a button to start the pump that inflates the flexible sides. Once fully inflated, the bath can be filled with water just like a normal tub. When you're done with your bath, you simply reverse the process to get out.

Designer Su Pin Chia says that the tub can be used as a basic shower stall while in the deflated position, and you could have built in jets to add a therapeutic whirlpool action.

This looks like a no-brainer for retirement communities and hospitals, and it sure beats having a bunch of grab handles and a stool inside the tub.

The Inflatable Bathtub won a Red Dot Design Award in the bathroom category.

Red Dot, via Core77

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