Gallery of the Day: torches replace paintbrushes in light painting

Forget about more traditional painting tools, 39-year-old Spanish artist Rafael Rodrigo uses a torch and a camera to make his work. As a light painting, Rodrigo has between 30 seconds and 3 minutes (depending on the shutter speed he's using) to create these scenes — and has no idea how they will turn out until he connects his camera to his computer later.

According to Rodrigo:

'I enjoy drawing in the air with a light, moving in the darkness and only seeing the results when I connect the camera to my computer.

'I also like interacting with props to make the images more interesting. I don't have a favourite, each one is different.

'Some are more funny, others are more expressive.'

Rafael added: 'When I started I didn't even know there was a form of art called light painting, I'm just excited to see where it takes me.'

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Via Daily Mail

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