Video of the Day: Neil, the cyborg who 'hears' colors

Neil Harbisson is a self described cyborg. Why? Well, this color blind artist wears an eyeborg every day to help him "hear" color.

According to Harbisson:

If we were all to hear the frequency of red, for example, we would hear a note that is in between F and F sharp. Red is the lowest frequency colour and the highest is violet.

I started using it 24 hours a day, carrying it around in a backpack and feeling that the cybernetic device, the eyeborg, and my organism were completely connected. I haven't taken it off my head since 2004, except to change the equipment when it breaks.

It looks like an antenna that comes out from my head and goes up to the front of my face. At the back of my head there's a chip which transforms the light waves into sound, and I hear the colours, not through my ears but through my bone.

Now, he can hear 360 different colors.

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Editor's note: this post originally carried the headline "Video of the Day: the 'world's first cyborg'," but, as our readers pointed out in the comments below, that's a title that's widely disputed. We've clarified the language here.

United Academics via BBC

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