Idiot proof solar iPhone case looks ready for World War III

If you like to go places where you'd normally be scared to take your iPhone, then this ultra-rugged case could provide the type of protection you're looking for.

Sure there are plenty of other waterproof iPhone cases out there, but the Aqua Tek S is about the most macho looking one yet. It's waterproof down to 20 feet so you can use it snorkeling, and there's a solar panel and a built in battery pack, so you can still call for help after you get swept out to some offshore island.

Of course most of us won't want to use this clunky orange orange case when we're back at home base, so the iPhone slides in and out pretty easily. Then you can snap it into your slimmer dressier case for normal everyday use.

While the bright orange is cool if you want to stand out, the Aqua Tek S will also come in a bunch of other more discreet colors. There are even a few camo versions just in case you are headed into enemy territory.

The Aqua Tek S is a Kickstarter project looking for funding. Currently maker Snow Lizard is a little under half way to their $75,000 goal, with 19 days to go. If you pledge $100, you'll get a case when they start making them, which is about $30 off the suggested retail price.

Kickstarter, via Treehugger

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