Hello Kitty jets take the kawaii kitty to a whole 'nother level

There's a ton of weird Hello Kitty-themed stuff out there. Like this toaster that prints the iconic cat's face on it, for instance, or a full-sized recliner. Both pale in comparison to this, though. This is a Hello Kitty jet, and it's not just an exterior paint job — the inside's fully decked out, too.

Operated by Taiwan's EVA Air, there are three such Hello Kitty jets (oddly named Apple Jet, Global Jet and Magic Jet), and they've become so popular that prospective fliers request to fly on them. That's probably because the experience you'll get on any of the trio of jets is unlike anything else.

As you'll see in the gallery below, these planes have thoroughly converted to the Kitty side, with Hello Kitty aprons, trays of food, boarding passes, luggage tags, pillows and more.

CNNGo, via Neatorama

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