Giant LED cathedral wows with 55,000 lights

A glowing cathedral like structure — dubbed the Luminarie De Cagna — has stopped viewers in their tracks at the recent 2012 Light Festival in Ghent, Belgium. Soaring above the street at 91 feet high and using 55,000 LEDs to light up the night sky, it's easy to see why.

The canopies and columns are created out of wood and the lights, and despite the jaw dropping light and color, the whole shebang only uses 20 kilowatts per hour of energy.

The Luminare De Cagna is an Italian business started in the 1930s. Through the years, on festive occasions, it used to light up its buildings and eventually the streets with light. The tradition went from candles to today's impressive LED creations.

The imposing light display was just one of the 30 exhibits at the festival. A look at photos from on the Festival's website shows that all of them — featuring art designed by light or items that produce light — are pretty darn cool.

If next year's festival is anything like this year, pencil me in for next year!

The Luminare De Cagna, via Colossal, via LaughingSquid

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