Geeky wallpaper makeover comes complete with LEDs

Wallpaper just got a makeover from chic to geek with a shiny computer chip pattern augmented with tiny LED accents.

Wallpaper is not normally something that you think of as "cool," but this might just change your mind. It comes in rolls roughly 125 inches by 23 inches, with five pattern repeats. There are several patterns consisting of red, white and blue LEDs popping out of the overall computer chip design.

The wallpaper is created by German designer Ingo Maurer, and he notes on his website the wallpaper can be used to provide ambient lighting for a more vibrant feel.

There are a few details that are missing — such as how the LEDs get their power. Is the wallpaper battery powered or does it plug in somehow? Additionally, how does it adhere to the wall?

As with many other high fashion architecture and design items, the price for a roll isn't quoted. Since you'll have to email for a quote anyway, you can likely get all those little technical details sorted out.

From the photos it looks perfect for your man cave or the boardroom of your Internet start-up. Given its unusual construction I'd probably take a pass on putting it up in the kids' playroom.

Ingo Maurer, via Gizmodo, via Trendir

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