Gallery: first look at the official Lego Minecraft set

What seemed to be a match made in heaven is soon going to be a reality. After tying the knot, Lego and developer Mojang, will release official Minecraft physical play things in all glorious brick form later this summer. This is what toy bricks of digital bricks look like.

Getting a little creative has never stopped Lego hobbyists, but Lego Minecraft Micro World is the first legit Minecraft set with Steve and Creeper character blocks.

You'd better like green, brown and gray, because that's mostly what you'll get. Then again, there isn't much color variety in Minecraft to begin with.

One big question is: where's the Minecraft axe? That's a staple! You can't not have the axe.

Can't wait to buy your own Lego Minecraft set? Head on over to Jinx. They're going for $35 a pop.

Via Wired

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