Gallery: Artist creates animal drawings with London's subway map

Commuters might look at subway maps and see colored lines and stations, but to an artist, the map itself can contain hidden art. Paul Middlewick's "Animals on the Underground" is an interpretation of the map of London's subway system, the Underground, that pulls animals out of existing station path lines.

The story goes that Middlewick discovered the animals in the map while waiting for train home from work in 1988. Middlewick's since merchandised his animal spottings into T-shirts and even a story book titled Lost Property.

I'll never look at a subway map the same again. The next time you're out and about and staring at your city's subway map, see if you can spot any animals. I just stared at New York's subway map and I couldn't find squat.

You can get a sample of Middlewick's animal sightings below, but there's a lot more over at his website.

Animals on the Underground, via Architizer

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