Funky street lamp prototype uses giant swing set as power source

We've seen a lot of new eco-friendly designs pop up in street-lights these days. Designers and urban planners are fast figuring out that street-lights are a drain on a city's electrical grid, so why not try alternative resources. Do you think a light powered by a giant swing set is alternative enough?

The team behind the "Giraffe Street Lamp" has created a prototype design that takes users back to their playground days requiring a person to swing on the lamp's seat to generate the kinetic energy to power the lamp.

It's easy to see how the light got its name after a giraffe, with a long sloping neck and four legs. From a distance it does resemble something of a cyborg giraffe. The long neck actually is actually the light source, the back of the "giraffe" is a solar collection unit for when not using kinetic energy, and the four legs keep the whole thing planted on the ground when the swing is in use.

It's not clear just how much kinetic energy is required to power the light — would a breeze give it a charge or do two adults have to put down their briefcases while waiting for the bus to crank it up?

Thank goodness for the solar collection panel as a backup.

Designers Chen Wei and Lu Yanxin could be on to something though — with obesity rates on the rise in many nations perhaps the intent was to promote movement (no matter how small) in addition to the green idea of harvesting that energy.

Who knows? It could be a good stress reliever too! Maybe some day soon we'll see legions of adults and kids waiting for their turn on the Giraffe Street Lamp.

Yanko Design, via Trendhunter

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