From geeks, for geeks: website to plan your nerd adventures

Sometimes it's just not enough to see the major landmarks when you travel. In the back of your mind you know there is more out there — stuff that might be more interesting to you than your average bus tour. You want to see the gravesites of scientists, abandoned missile silos, museums of the macabre, observatories and much more.

Now you can plan these kinds of side trips for your upcoming vacation or business trip courtesy of the site Nerdy Day Trips.

The site started in 2010 after founder Dr. Ben Goldacre was searching for information on nerdy sites in London and was helped along by the kindness of a fellow blogger. Goldacre decided to expand the project to let everyone contribute to the list, and the result is a giant user generated compendium of the off the beaten path treasures.

In addition to being wicked cool, it's Google-mapped for your convenience. What's not to like?

So have a look around the site before you head out on your next trip and check out the crazy stuff that could be right under your nose. Even more importantly, add that haunted, abandoned mental hospital or neighbor with the largest Dr. Who collectible teapot collection to the list so others can share the love.

Happy traveling everyone!

Nerdy Day Trips, via Geeksugar

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