Flying spermocopter is just begging for an egg-shaped garage

The designer of this concept says that he was inspired by a moving shark, but to us, it looks more like a flying sperm. Or maybe a stingray. Heck, let's just call it a spermray.

Yes, this conceptual flying... Thing... Is vaguely outright ridiculous looking, and it's tough to even be able to pretend that it could function as intended while still obeying the laws of physics in our universe. It would be a throwaway fantasy concept except for one brilliant feature: the tail.

Forget the fact that the tail has a silly little wheel on it. And forget the fact that it's a secondary turbine engine, too. As recent research in robotics as shown, giving airborne vehicles driven tails enables them to alter their attitude (as in angle, not orneriness) using inertia instead of thrust, which is how animals like lizards can be such mid-air acrobats.

Giving a long, flexible tail with mass on the end of it to a small aircraft has the potential to enable some fantastical maneuverability, maybe even enough to overshadow the fact that on second thought, this thing really does look way more like a sperm than a stingray.

Via Yanko

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