Now open: a professional science lab for the rest of us

Are you the sort of person that follows science and technology news and can't stop thinking, "why can't I do that?" You aren't alone. A lab space has opened in the San Francisco area catering to people just like you. Citizen scientists, inventors and the curious of all walks of life are welcome at the lab to conduct experiments in a working lab environment.

For a monthly membership fee you'll have access to a 2,400 square foot community space — a working lab and training center complete with all the common lab supplies and more. Think microcentrifuges, ultrasonic baths, gel electrophoresis, autoclaves (and, thankfully, biohazardous waste removal).

You'll be a kid in a virtual biotech candy store.

BioCurious is the non-profit organization behind the lab. They believe innovation and experience with biology should be accessible and affordable for everyone. In addition to access to the lab space and equipment, they offer training and safety classes and storage space for those things you may be growing.

The organization, which got its start via Kickstarter, is funded by donations of all sorts. That means if you can't donate money they'd love to have you volunteer or give your gently used fluorescent microscopes, water bath stirrers and the like.

This experiment in experimentation is perfect for the hobbyist, inventor or even parents and kids looking to get a mega head start on the science fair. Proving that science isn't just for those in ivory towers is an idea we hope spreads.

For more info visit Biocurious.

Via Opensource

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