Duracell's skinny adapter could make any phone charge wirelessly

Wireless charging has a bit of a dinosaur-and-egg problem: there are few products for it because nobody uses it, and nobody uses it because there are few products for it. Duracell hopes to make it easy and cheap for anyone to retrofit their phone to be completely wireless with a skinny little pad called the Powermat WiCC.

WiCC stands for Wireless Charging Card, and it's a card that allows for wireless charging. Yes, brilliant. But even more brilliant than the name is what this thing does: just slip it in between your battery and the back of your cell phone (assuming you can crack your phone open), make sure that the WiCC's electrical contacts get between the existing ones that connect your battery to your phone, and that's it. You, my friend, are now ready to go utterly and completely wireless, using Duracell's Powermat power mats.

Of course, if it really was as easy as that, we'd all be charging everything wirelessly already. In addition to this piece of hardware from Duracell, phone manufacturers are going to have to add six electrical connectors to their battery compartments: two for power, two for data and two for NFC communications (since the WiCC also doubles as an NFC antenna). Duracell says that this additional hardware will cost "pennies," but that's almost not the point: it's still going to be an uphill battle for it to convince OEMs that the Duracell standard and hardware is worth the investment. Complications like these means it's going to be awhile before the WiCC becomes available at all, and by that time, it may be fighting off other standards.

The moral of the story here is that Duracell's WiCC really could make it a cinch to retrofit wireless charging hardware into cell phones that don't have it already, but since it's just as dependent on the cooperation of manufacturers as other methods of integration, it's hard for us to get our hopes up.

Engadget, via Gizmodo

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