Double Fine game studio shatters Kickstarter funding records

The Internet is abuzz about the record-breaking crowd-funding efforts of game studio Double Fine. Industry veteran Tim Schafer, who has worked on such classics as The Adventures of Monkey Island, Full Throttle and Grim Fandango (among many others), has taken his latest project to the people in order to develop their new game in the public eye.

According to Double Fine's Kickstarter Page, the goal is to be able to create and promote a game on the studio's own terms, and to open its doors to the public so we can all see what the process of high quality game development is like.

Double Fine's original funding goal was to raise $400,000, but that appears to have been a gross underestimation of the power of Schafer's appeal and the idea behind taking the project public.

The project took just eight hours and eleven minutes to meet fund, and just keeps growing. At the time of this writing it sits at an amazing $1,260,458 with 32 days still left to fund.

According to an interview with Joystiq, a Kickstarter spokesperson noted, "I can confirm there's not been a project that has raised as much as this one in such a short timeframe,"

They also noted that the Double Fine project had the most backers of any other project on the site. That number now sits at over 32,000 people.

It's no wonder that people are turning out in droves to add funding dollars — Double Fine is offering amazing access for your pledge: a mere $15 will get you the game, access to the video series documenting the production (to be co-produced by 2 Player Productions), and access to community boards. A whopping $10,000 would get you lunch with Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert (an industry legend in his own right) and a tour of Double Fine's studios, but that's already been claimed. There are rewards for pledges everywhere in-between and beyond.

With this kind of momentum who knows what the ultimate funding will be — and what impact that will have on the final product.

We can't wait to see!

Kickstarter, via TechCrunch and Joystiq

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