Cryoscope offers weather forecasts that make sense for once

Hey, guess what, tomorrow it's going to be 68 degrees! How 'bout that! If you know what 68 degrees feels like off the top of your head (or adjacent to any other body part), you're a far wiser person than I, 'cause such numbers don't convey much in the way of useful information. Cryoscope, on the other hand, does.

Cryoscope is simply a small aluminum cube with a heat pump inside it that's hooked up to the Internet. The outside of the cube is kept at about 85 degrees, which is the surface temperature that your fingers perceive as neutral. Every day, the cube will check for what tomorrow's forecast is, and then it'll fire up its heat pump (a Peltier element with a big heat sink and a cooling fan) and adjust its surface temperature to match.

So for example, if it's going to be 68 degrees out tomorrow, the Cryoscope will take the neutral room temperature (73 degrees), calculate the difference (five degrees) and then drop its surface temperature down to 80 degrees. When you touch the cube, it'll feel cool, and you'll know what the temperature's going to be tomorrow. The heat pump is capable of changing the cube's surface temperature anywhere from zero degrees F (hella cold) to 100 degrees F (wicked hot), and if you're living somewhere outside that range, it's time for you to move.

It's possible that the Cryoscope won't give you quite the same level of detail as a traditional weather forecast, but come on, what level of detail do you really need? Trust me, your life will be way better when no numbers are involved, and more importantly, no weathermen with their happy suns and creepy frowny clouds are involved, either.

Robb Me Blind, via CNET and Gizmodo

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