Crazy fan recreates World of Warcraft in Minecraft block by block

To prove that there is nothing that can't be built using Minecraft blocks, super fan Rumsey decided to go ahead and recreate all of the World of Warcraft's Azeroth.

Rumsey explains that he's been developing custom software that automates the creation for the last couple of weeks and the first fruits of his labor is the successful recreation of the continent of Kalimdor. Cut the guy some slack. Creating it all by hand would have taken forever.

For a bunch of blocks, it's quite detailed. To ensure that the entire world is correct in scale, he needed to cheat a little.

The only obstacle I've run into is the default Minecraft height limit. Many zones exceed 128 blocks, so I've needed to use mods to increase the height limit. Once I'm satisfied with the quality of the maps, they will most likely be hosted online. I've received a tentative offer from Cursecraft to host the world, which might be where it ends up.

If you're not impressed by Rumsey's creation, you're obviously not playing enough Minecraft. Take a look at his blocky Kalimdor for yourself, and tell us you don't want to adventure through it. You know you want to.

MMO Champion and Minecraft Forum, via The Escapist

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