Corning's glass future places the tablet at the epicenter of life

It's impossible to tell what type of new technologies the future will be powered by. Corning, makers of much of the durable glass found in most mobile devices has a vision: a tablet-powered world that seamlessly connects to touchscreens of all different sizes. Corning calls its vision, "A Day Made of Glass 2."

Corning says that its first "A Day Made of Glass" video released last year captured the imaginations of millions. Now, it's back with a sequel, that's provides a look at what the future might bring.

At the heart of "A Day Made of Glass 2" is the idea that the tablet will be the center of everything. It'll store the "keys," if you will, to controlling your electrochromic glass windows (auto-dimming glass that's UV/thermal insulated). The tablet will help you pick an outfit on your giant glass closet doors. It'll allow you to "flick" songs to your contoured glass car stereo. It'll create gigantic 3D projections inside the classroom, workplace and outside in the field for augmented-reality type experiences.

Wild as Corning's vision for the future appears, some of the ideas have already taken form. Whether it's working with tables or shopping with interactive retail displays, the future is shaping up to be heavily based on touch and gesture interfaces.

All those glass screens can get dirty and smudgy real fast with all the fingers and hands touching them. In addition to creating larger wall-sized glass, the next-generation of glass will be created anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties, ensuring a germ-free electronic world.

To help understand the thought process behind "A Day in Glass 2," Corning also created a detailed guided-tour version of the same video that you can watch here.

All I can say is, our kids will be very tech-savvy kids if they grow up with concepts and ideas, like the ones found in Corning's video, all around them.

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