Chirpy smoke detector saves lives and is cute as hell

Smoke detectors are (or should be) a part of everyone's home, and yet they've never really added to the décor. Of course their main function is to save lives, but there is no reason they can't be designed to look good like this adorable little Chick-a-Dee.

This whimsical little life saver has been on sale in the Netherlands and has just been approved for the U.S. It mimics the American Black-capped Chicadee by using its signature "chick-a-dee" call when smoke is first detected. It moves quickly into a loud, sustained 85 decibel sound as the smoke thickens.

All this while perched on a little twig mounted from your ceiling.

The Chick-A-Dee smoke detector was create by Dutch designer Louise van der Veld and has won a Mooi uit de brand design competition.

For those who would argue it trivializes what smoke detectors are there to do, one could argue the design innovation adds to its life saving mission. If it looks good perhaps those who don't have them in their homes may adopt them.

At the very least perhaps a cute smoke detector will be more of a focus in the home so that we don't forget to change the batteries. And if birds aren't your thing, who knows...perhaps new designs are in the works.

Available in white, pink and blue for $75.

Via, CoolHunting

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