By 2031, we'll all be flying personal blimpjets

I'll bet you never knew that the gaping hole in your life was exactly the size of one of these conceptual personal blimpjets, did you? 'Cause it is. I know, you've tried to cram flying cars and driveable planes in there to no avail, but by 2031, the blimpjet will be here to make everything complete.

The Sky Voyage is a hybrid glider-airship of sorts can take off vertically like a blimp. Once it's airborne, the gas envelope rotates 90 degrees to form an airfoil, providing additional lift while the craft is in motion. The Sky Voyage seats one and is powered by hydrogen fuel-cells driving a pair of small turbine engines, and when you're all done cruising around, it deflates and partially collapses to the point where it still probably won't fit in your driveway.

Designer Jet Shao took the somewhat unusual step of turning this concept into a physical prototype, too. You can see some pics of that, and a bunch more slick renderings, in the gallery below.

Coroflot, via Yanko

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