Artsy VW Beetle reimagined from 2,805 pieces of scrap material

While this life size Volkswagen Beetle looks like a blingy piece of art now, it was once just a pile of scrap. That would be 800 drink lids, 800 spark plugs, 200 bottle caps, 60 motherboards, hard disk drives, keyboards, CDs, speakers, cassette tapes, beer cans, a flat screen, a typewriter and other common pieces of trash, totaling 2,805 pieces in total.

Mumbai sculptor Haribaabu Naatesan created the "trashy" Beetle over 16 days. The trash was collected over a variety of locations as part of the German carmaker's Think Blue Campaign, which encourages sustainability initiatives.

Naatesan works entirely with scrap also believes providing a second life for discarded materials, so it was a match made in heaven.

The reimagined Bug is now on display at Mumbai's Kala Ghoda arts festival. Once it finishes there it will head to Germany where the Beetle was created.

Want to see it come together? Check out the time-lapse of the artist in action.

Rushlane, via Inhabitat

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