Amazon might open its own retail store to sell Kindles and e-books

Pinch yourself if this sounds crazy. Amazon, the world's undisputed online retail champ is said to be considering a move into retail with a pilot store in Seattle that'll focus primarily on selling the Kindle e-readers and Kindle Fire tablet alongside exclusively published books and e-books.

Scooped by Goodereader, the source claims Amazon won't be looking to smite Apple's mighty retail stores or take down Best Buy.

Amazon's retail store would be closer to a boutique shop and only stock "high margin and high-end items." It would open this fall. Items would probably include those that regularly top its sales lists. Think of it like a store that only sells the "Top 10" items for any given category. That would be kind of cool, until all your friends have the same TV, and the same pair of headphones, same laptop, and same bookshelf with the same books on it. Then, that'd be just awkward.

Goodereader cautions that Amazon is only testing the water to see if such a store would be profitable. It's like the company's pickup lockers at 7-Eleven.

As more brick and mortar stores close down, it seems totally backwards that Amazon is planning to open its own store. Especially since its entire business model built on not having stores and buying retail space in stores like Target and Best Buy to promote its Kindles.

However, Amazon is pushing its Kindle e-readers and Kindle Fire real hard now. One of the advantages iPad and Nook Tablet owners have over Kindle owners is in-store help at thousands of Apple and Barnes & Noble stores.

What happens when your Kindle Fire decides to just up and stop working? Calling a support technician over the phone is so 1990s. Oftentimes, having a real human being help you troubleshoot is much more helpful than talking to a guy in India.

Retail stores would solve that. Who knows, maybe Amazon really is building a smartphone and this is just a stepping stone for world domination.

Via Goodereader

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