Love is in the air on Flamingo Air's mile high club flights

If you and your partner have ever imagined getting your groove on up in the sky, don't risk arrest by sneaking into the bathroom on a regular flight. Cincinnati based Flamingo Air makes it much easier, with special private lovemaking flights where you can do your own thing.

Flamingo Air's "Flight of Fancy" service gives you an hour long private flight where you and your honey can get it on to your heart's content for just $425. They even throw in champagne and chocolates to provide the perfect finishing touches.

The problem is that the flight takes place on Flamingo's tiny single-engined Piper Saratoga, which doesn't look much bigger inside than one of those commercial jet bathrooms you could have slinked into. Then consider the fact that the only thing separating you from the pilot is a thin curtain, and the whole thing doesn't really sound particularly amorous.

Flamingo say that they have taken as many as eight couples up in a single day. I just hope they sanitize the heck out of that interior between flights.

While going for the mile high club sounds pretty cool, it's peanuts compared to the 62-mile high club.

Flamingo Air, via ABC News

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