Air Mouse glove lets you control your PC Minority Report style

If you want to control your computer by just waving your hands in the air, you could do something challenging like hacking a Kinect system, or you could simply get this Tom Cruise in Minority Report style mousing glove.

I realize that the Minority Report comparisons are getting pretty stale these days, but this could practically have been a prop in the movie.

We saw a couple of brainy MIT students who managed to build something pretty similar a couple of years back, but the Ion Wireless Air Mouse is available to buy now for about $80.

This could be great for giving presentations, but I'm not sure I'd use it when simply working at my desk. Keeping your hand wrapped around a regular mouse all day can get pretty tiring, but I expect wearing a glove for hours at a stretch wouldn't be much fun either.

Ion Wireless Air Mouse, via SlashGear

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