Gallery: Microsoft's Star Wars Xbox 360 bundle gets its close-up

As the world waits for the next Xbox, the awesome folks at Microsoft are gearing up to rake in the cash with the special Star Wars R2-D2 Xbox 360, C-3PO controller, white Kinect sensor and Kinect Star Wars bundle. We finally got some alone time with Artoo and he's still quite the charmer.

Announced last summer, the Star Wars Xbox 360 bundle missed its November street date. There's no need to worry, though. The bundle and game will finally be released on April 3, before it makes its eventual journey to eBay to be auctioned off for sky-high prices.

Microsoft and Lucasarts went to town with this baby. Details like the disc tray playing R2-D2 sounds when it opens and closes to the ring glowing blue instead of green really set this Xbox 360 apart.

The last time we saw an Xbox 360 designed with so much attention was probably the Halo 3 Xbox 360 modeled after Master Chief. No, I don't count those other "limited edition" Xbox 360 consoles like the recent Gears of War console in the club. Those look like cheap paint jobs compared to the Star Wars console and Master Chief Halo 3 system.

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All photos taken by Raymond Wong for DVICE.

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