5 nerdy ways geeks are popping the question

We already showed you the top 10 geeky marriage proposals of 2011, but, wouldn't you know it, geeks are still finding creative ways to ask one another to nerd out for the rest of their lives. Today being the day it is, we figured we'd round some 'em up.

Good thing, too, because one of the most thoughtful askings of The Question happened just this morning. Hop on inside to find out how it happened.


1. Ask Her With An Infographic

Infographics are all the rage these days, but they're also a handy way to break down a lot of information and wrap it up in well-designed package. Drake Martinet, an associate editor over at All Things D, wanted to run some numbers, too: the likelihood that he and Mashable VP of marketing Stacy Green could really be soulmates. Head on over to Mashable to see the whole graphic. (Hey, Mr. Martinet: if we like your post, do we get to come to the wedding?)


2. Ask Her In Binary

Marriage is a binary choice after all, isn't it? In the guise of Bender from Futurama, YouTuber Doctorpappa asked his lady of choice to marry him in zeroes and ones. He writes: "the message is, 'Rachel, you are awesome! Will you marry me?' And… she said yes."



3. Ask Her Like A Time Lord

This guy is named Matt Smith, which the Internet tells me is the same name as the 11th Doctor in Doctor Who, a show about a hereditary line of anonymous physicians. That's rather fortuitous as Smith happens to be a fan. So is his betrothed, Stacie-Anne Dilkes, who was won over by Smith's Time Lordian wiles. The couple even received a letter of congratulations from the famous Matt Smith, who suggested, "Next — babies in the TARDIS…? (Bonus: Not ready to ask for eternity? Ask him or her to be yours, like so.)



4. Ask Her With A Pokémon Diamond

There's a Pokémon card game out there, and one lucky gal who enjoys it got this card from her beau. There's not a lot of info floating around about this one, but we imagine she said yes.


5. Ask Her Surrounded By Zombies

We had plenty of video game proposals in our last roundup, and this one is just as worthy: a couple who in fact met playing the Left 4 Dead series also tied the knot playing it. He got the help of a modder to create a special map to ask her with, and she said yes (after a rather hilarious "you're kidding!").


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