$35 Raspberry Pi snatched up within minutes of going on sale

At the right price, anything can become a sold-out product. It would appear the tiny $35 Raspberry Pi computer is a huge success. It's reported that thousands of units were sold with demand far outstripping supply.

The Raspberry Pi was created by game designer David Braben and introduced to the world last May. The goal of the Raspberry Pi computer was to create a tiny computer that would encourage more school kids to learn programming. Since its introduction, the Raspberry Pi's caught the attention of many hobbyists and tinkerers who have no doubt added to the successful sell out.

The beauty of the Raspberry Pi is in its simplicity. Two models of the Raspberry Pi are available for purchase with both PCs run Fedora Linux stored on an SD card and sport 700MHz Broadcom ARM processors.

The $25 Model A originally had only 128MB of RAM, but has since been upgraded to 256MB of RAM to match its bigger brother. Should you choose the $35 Model B option, you still get all the components in the Model A, with the added bonus of two USB ports and an Ethernet port. Both PCs run Fedora Linux stored on an SD card.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation state on its website that this first launch to "software and hardware enthusiasts, makers, teachers and others" is to create a community that'll act as a structural backbone of knowledge before the PC is released to educational market.

If you're thinking of picking one of these guys up, you still can, but the Raspberry Pi Foundation just isn't going to be sure when you'll get it due to the demand. We thought we'd never see these things sell for such a low price, but somehow the Raspberry Pi Foundation's done it!

Raspberry Pi, via Mashable

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