It took 3,500 smartphones to create this giant Pegasus sculpture

Art and the art of marketing have collided with the creation of a sculpture of the mythical winged horse Pegasus. 3,500 smartphones help Pegasus take shape outside the entrance to the Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona.

The sculpture is created with the smartphones soldered to 3,500 supporting rods totaling nearly 2,000 feet. Crafted by London's Machine Shop, it took 720 hours to make and is close to 19 feet tall with an outstretched wingspan of 16 feet.

Chinese manufacturer Huawei commissioned the sculpture. The company must have figured it doesn't get much faster than a winged horse, and that's a great way to introduce its latest smartphone: the new Ascend D Quad smartphone, which Huawei considers to be the "world's fastest." Whether or not it will be mythic is debatable.

The sculpture is an impressive statement. If the statue doesn't grace the manufacturer's headquarters after the Congress, here's hoping Huawei makes an equally grand statement towards recycling its components!


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