$2 billion Azerbaijan Tower to claim world's tallest building crown

The Kingdom Tower, the world's largest tower planned hasn't even had it's foundation laid down yet and its already going to have to surrender its record to the new Azerbaijan Tower that will be built in Azerbaijan's capital Baku.

The future isn't in Dubai or Saudi Arabia — it's going to be on a city of 41 artificial islands called the Khazar Islands that'll cost $100 billion to construct and be home to the world's tallest building. The Azerbaijan Tower, as the Avesta Group of Companies is calling it, will reach 1050 meters into the sky.

To put that height into perspective, that's 220 meters taller than the Pringles-can shaped Burj Khalifa and 50 meters taller than the Kingdom Tower (expected completion in 2016/2017). The tower will also be able to survive 9.0 magnitude earthquakes, in case you're the worrying type.

I agree it isn't the most striking tower design we've seen before, but if the city of Baku wants that "world's tallest" record, it can have it, so long as it remembers to call climbing extraordinaire Alain Robert and have the dude scale it.

Ultimately, the Khazar Islands will bring about a new center of business and commerce, providing homes for over 1 million residents in high-rise buildings. A Formula 1 race track, new bridges and an airport will be built as well. Soon, rich business folk will have another awesome place to fly off to in their expensive private jets. Joy!

Costing a total of $2 billion, construction for the Azerbaijan Tower should start in 2015 and wrap up in 2018-2019.

News.az, via Architizer

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