$25 Raspberry Pi computer hits the shelves in 10 days

The $25 Raspberry Pi computer has gone through a bunch of changes since we first saw it last May, and now it's ready for prime time with an announced release date of February 20.

I really should say that they will be released because there are now two models, the original $25 Model A, and the step up $35 Model B with built-in networking. The size has grown a bit since the early prototypes, but so have the features.

Both still use the 700mHz Broadcom ARM processor running Linux, with 128 MiB of RAM on the Model A and 256 MiB on the Model B. Instead of an HDD or SSD, you add your own storage using the SD card slot. Power is provided via a MicroUSB port.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation is targeting the computer at the educational market for teaching computer science in schools, but that doesn't mean the rest of us won't be able to get our hands on one for our own projects.

In some ways this reminds of the bare bones hobbyist computers from mid-1970s that people like Bill Gates cut their teeth on, so check it out all you wanna be computer moguls.

Raspberry Pi Foundation, via SlashGear

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