YouTube launches competition for 'storytellers' behind the camera

While we watch hours of video with people and animals doing just about anything on camera, the amateur filmmaker behind the lens often goes forgotten. YouTube wants to change that with the announcement a global competition looking for the best 15-minute video storyteller. The prizes? A chance to work with Ridley Scott to bring the story to life on the big screen, with $500,000 thrown in for good measure.

The competition, called the Your Film Festival opens February 2 and runs through March 31. Viewers across the world get to vote to arrive at ten finalists who will be flown to the Venice Film Festival for the final decision.

Those who want to participate are simply asked to submit a 15-minute long video showcasing your storytelling skills in any genre you choose. While that sounds like a pretty wide-open field somehow we suspect YouTube is hoping for more than just mashups and your kids being nutty.

There's something for everyone here — if you love the idea of making a short video that could take off and been seen around the world then this is for you. If you love to watch and weigh in on interesting videos that will no doubt span continents and cultures, this is also for you.
The YouTube channel has more information.

YouTube, via ShinyShiny

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