You can be the latest brick in Lego's new social network

ReBrick is a social network for people who love Legos. It's not going to be the next Google Plus or the next Facebook or even the next MySpace: no, it's going to be better than all of these sites, because instead of having to read endlessly boring status updates from all of your whiny friends, ReBrick is just about people making cool stuff out of Legos.

ReBrick was developed in partnership with many of the established Lego community sites that hardcore Lego fans are probably already familiar with, including my own personal Lego news site of choice, The Brothers Brick. From the sound of things, Lego went and talked to a bunch of these sites and said, "hey, we want to come up with a way to make it easy for people to share their Lego projects with other people, and we want your advice and involvement." Instead of some competing platform, all Lego is trying to do with ReBrick is to create one project sharing hub of sorts, and kudos for them to taking such an open and community-oriented approach to the whole thing.

Somewhat remarkably, ReBrick has no commercial agenda. They say it right there on the page: Lego isn't going to use this free social network full of Lego lovers to try and sell anyone more Legos. There won't even be any advertising or product announcements: as Lego puts it, ReBrick is "co-owned" by both Lego and the Lego community, and it's nothing more (and nothing less) than a way for brickheads (that's the term for Lego fans, right?) to share and explore all of the creatively awesome stuff that can be made out of Legos LEGO bricks.

ReBrick is currently in open beta, and you can give it a try yourself at the link below.

ReBrick, via CNET

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