World's largest bus can transport 300 riders at once

Forty-three feet longer than a standard city bus, China's Youngman JNP6250G is 82-feet long bus and as agile as a sports car cruising down the highway, taking tight turns without smashing up traffic. To alleviate the multimillion populations of Beijing and Hangzhou, China's sending out the world's largest bus to go out and serve the needs of its citizens. What kind of special features does the world's largest bus have? Only like 40 passenger seats (which means the remaining space can fit up to 260 standing riders) and five doors. In NYC and other major metropolises, city buses have one "accordion ribbed joint sections" but the Youngman JNP6250G has two. The Youngman Vehicle Group is boasting that the super long bus will be able to "turn corners with a radius equal to that of a normal bus" because of the extra ribbed joint. chinayoungman2.jpg China's record-setting bus can max out at 50 miles per hour and has widened aisles for wheelchair accessibility. Besides the bus getting dedicated highway lanes when the new Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) service kicks into gear, the JNPG250G should also be highly energy efficient. It's like two buses in one. Why can't we have a public transport system like this in the U.S.? Young Man Gropu, via Inhabitat and Springwise
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