Wireless add-on lets you stream video from anywhere without a PC

YouTube and Justin.tv have made setting up your own mini-television channel a breeze. But one Ustream.tv partner recently upped the ante by making live video broadcasts as simple as turning your camera on.

The Live Shell is a device that allows you to stream live video to Ustream without the use of a PC. All you need is a camera and the Live Shell unit, which you attach to your camera, and you can start reporting live to the Internet (via Ustream) from any location. The device itself connects to the Internet via WiFi, Ethernet or mobile router, but that's about as hard as the set-up gets. The device only needs three double-A batteries to operate for up to three hours and goes on sale soon for just $299 here.

You can see the Live Shell in action in the video below (it's all in Japanese, but you can get an idea of the simplicity of use just by watching).

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