Windows 8 tablets might cost a fortune, make iPads look cheap

DigiTimes is at it again, but instead of talking up info on the next iPad or iPhone, it's reporting that Windows 8 tablets might cost somewhere between $600 and $900. If true, well, Windows 8 tablets could be screwed.

Citing differences between Intel and Microsoft, DigiTimes says that both companies are "unwilling to drop their related hardware and Clover Trail-W prices." FYI, Clover Trail is a next-gen Intel processor.

The estimated $600 to $900 pricing would be well over the $500 minimum for a 16GB iPad 2. 600 bucks is also three times the price of a Kindle Fire. Might as well upgrade to an Ultrabook, if you're planning to pay $900 for a tablet. You'll thank yourself for the real keyboard.

DigiTimes is also reporting that if Intel-powered Windows 8 tablets do end up costing too much, it's possible Microsoft could choose alternative processors from ARM, Nvidia or Texas Instrument.

We already know that ARM is making Windows 8 tablets, but if other system on a chip (SoC) makers start to look more appealing and profitable for Team Ballmer, Intel could be in for a beat down. Microsoft is the only company that's partnering up with Intel to make tablets because it needs the x86 architecture in order to run regular Windows.

Already late to the party, Microsoft has a hill to climb with its Windows 8 tablets. Intel Windows 8 tablets should run the standard Windows desktop OS and the new Metro UI.

Is Windows 8 special enough to make consumers spend the extra cash? My gut check is no (and I like Window 8's live tile interface). $900 is just too much for a tablet.

Via DigiTimes

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