Watch two different movies at the same time on TCL's Dual Display

No more sharing the main TV in your living room anymore. TCL's "Dual Display" TV lets two people watch two different movies at the same time. You just need to wear 3D glasses to do so — a bit like the PlayStation 3D display's SimulView.

The technology is similar to Sony's PlayStation 3D Display, which syncs two different pictures to two pairs of 3D glasses. In Sony's case, the feature is called SimulView and only works for select multiplayer modes in compatible 3D games. As I said in my review, the effect isn't too bad.

TCL's 2.39:1 ratio Dual Display is practically the same thing, except that instead of requiring active shutter 3D glasses, it works with passive 3D glasses (the cheap kind you get in the movie theaters).

In my eyes-on, I noticed some slight ghosting (unlike the PlayStation 3D Display) of pictures around the edges of the frame, but it's still kind of neat. Whereas the 3D Display was always a bit too dark to be useful, the passive 3D glasses seems to let more light in.

Two movies on one TV? I could get used to that.

Mind you, like the PlayStation 3D Display, the picture you see with the 3D glasses on is in 2D.

Sound wasn't demoed, but a TCL rep told me audio would obviously require headphones in order to keep the two movies from clashing.

TCL's not ready to talk about pricing or release. As of now, the Dual Display is simply a concept prototype that the company is exploring for the future of TV design.

Posted on location at CES 2012 in Las Vegas.

All photos taken by Raymond Wong for DVICE. Video shot and edited by Raymond Wong for DVICE.

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