Watch an anatomy of a bike theft&#8230one piece at a time

What happens when you leave a bike locked to a post on a New York City street? If you answered it goes missing, you'd be right but you might be surprised at how. Instead of being "liberated" in one piece and quickly, the Lifecycle project shows the bicycle and its accessories gradually disappear bit by bit over a year's time.

The bicycle, complete with a basket and an "I Love NY" water bottle was chained to a post in New York's SoHo District. It was photographed every day for a year to document what happened. Amazingly (for the streets of New York City), the bike was undisturbed for five months as life on the busy street progressed and other bikes came and went.

The tipping point was the theft of the water bottle; then the decline began. Next up, the basket.

The photos were pieced together in a time-lapse video to show the dismantling over the course of a year. The Lifecycle project was set up by the firm Red Peak to promote New York City's Hudson Urban Bicycles.

Whether or not the final pieces of the bike were taken for parts or they were simply removed to get some junk off the street it's hard to say. We are going to think positively and imagine most of the bike parts were "recycled" and are living a useful second life somewhere else.

Red Peak Group, via

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