Video: Sharp demos gigantic wireless 'portable' TVs

When we think of portable TVs, we generally picture something like RCA's little 7-inch fold-up MIT700. What we generally don't picture is just going up and ripping your 40-inch flatscreen off the wall, but that's what Sharp expects you to do with with these completely wireless and "portable" concept TVs.

Sharp's new line of Aquos Freestyle concept TVs are technically portable in that they run on batteries and can receive wireless HD signals from up to 98 feet away. Not 100 feet, not 99 feet, but 98 feet (Sharp was very clear on this point).

The one that I'd actually call portable is a 20-inch TV that weighs a minuscule five and a half pounds. Going up from there are the 12-pound, 30-inch unit and the 19-pound, 40-inch unit, but both of those apparently require you to also carry around a purse with a giant battery pack in it, kinda putting a damper on the whole "wireless" thing. Lastly comes the beastly 60-inch monster which may be movable but it's definitely not portable, since you probably would have to lift a car battery along with it if you wanted it to keep running.


From the sound of things, Sharp figures that people will just carry these TVs around with them as they go about their daily routine, but you'd have to be a serious news junkie (or like I am with my stories) to put the effort in to lugging any of the larger models from room to room. But, they are awfully good looking, and if the response from CES is good enough, Sharp might launch them in Japan at an unspecified (but likely rather high) price.

Watch Sharp's CES demo in the video below.

Via Sharp

Posted on location at CES 2012 in Las Vegas.

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