Ultimate Battlefield 3 PC mod serves drinks, fires on command

Hands down, this is the best Battlefield 3 PC case mod I've ever seen. Created by Brian "Bodakker" Carter, the mod has two things PC gamers would fawn over: a mini fridge for a cold soda or beer and a rotating mini chain gun. Um, the totally heavy-duty military-looking case and flip switches are cool, too.

Carter originally built this awesome Battlefield 3 gaming rig for a Raptr contest. Readers had to answer a bunch of questions for a chance to win this $5,000 PC.

Included on the rig is sweet sniper fan grill and military toggle switches, external roll cages and a custom air-brushed mural. Our own Evan Ackerman thought his newly built custom-PC was the best thing of last year, but I beg to differ. His has neither an integrated mini cooler or a rotating gun. Sorry, bro.

Feel free to ogle at Carter's rugged PC tower in the gallery below.

Platform Nation, via Nerd Approved and Kotaku

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