Tiny video camera brings back vintage 8mm (is also super cute)

The form and function of an old school 8mm video camera is back — having been shrunk to keychain toy size. If you love vintage film or just want to play this digital version of an 8mm camera the Fuuvi Bee is retro heaven.

Despite it's small size the Fuuvi Bee will capture video at 640 x 480 pixels and 30fps. Like a traditional 8mm, the Bee doesn't record audio so going into it you know you'll be going for that silent film conceptual approach.

The camera also records stills, but at a very low 1.3 megapixel resolution. The lens has a maximum aperture of f2.8 and shutters speeds from 1/6 - 1/2500 sec.

It does do things the original cameras could never do — it saves video and images onto a microSD/SDHC card that can be uploaded to a Mac or PC via USB. That means your art film can be shared instantly while you pity the poor fools that actually had to deal with video tape back in the day.

So what's the point given you have a smartphone which can record video and stills at a higher resolution — and with an app that can give it a vintage feel right at your fingertips?

Even though today's technology is cool, fast and all that other stuff, sometimes don't you just want a fun little toy to play with?

The Fuuvi Bee
is available for $80 USD.

Via Gizmag

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