Tiny electric camper car is the green way to get away from it all

Most of us like to haul around a lot of stuff when we hit the road, but what if you want to lower the size of your carbon footprint when you travel? Sure you could go backpacking, but that would leave you relying on outside resources. This tiny electric camper allows you to roam while remaining self sufficient.

Built by San Francisco artist Jay Nelson, the Golden Gate is constructed from a couple of electric bikes, and a combination of plywood, epoxy resin and fiberglass. Inside there's room for cooking with a sink and stove, a toilet, and a bed.

To drive the Golden Gate you sit cross legged on the floor, and control the vehicle using the wooden steering wheel. I suppose true hippies will assume the lotus position to put them in the proper zen-like state, although that doesn't appear to be a requirement.

With a range of just 10 miles, your personal paradise had better be pretty close to home.

Jay Nelson, via Tiny House Listings

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