Tinkerers install Windows 95/98/XP on an Android smartphone

Are you still clinging on to your legacy Windows 95/98/XP install? Maybe your netbook is running one of Microsoft's old OSes? Screw Windows Phone 7 and its colorful flat tiles, because now you can install the full desktop copy of Microsoft's operating systems on your Android smartphone.

Some smart nerds at xda-developers just proved that they can install Windows 95/98/XP on an HTC EVO 3D.

That's right, a mobile device with an ARM-processor running x86 architectures software. It's a proof of concept and is by no means meant for daily use, but still, you can now win bets against all your non-techie friends when they don't believe you have Windows XP on your phone.

According to xda-developer member mnomaanw who posted the instructions for the install, "Windows 95 works great on my EVO 3D."

The build even manages to squeeze in HDMI out. Zing!

Not sure why you'd want a slow OS slowing down your smartphone, but hey, I don't judge. You do what you want with your Android phone. Be sure to follow the directions carefully, or you might end up with a borked phone. We won't be held responsible if you decide you need to try to play Minesweeper on the go...

xda-developers, via Engadget

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