Timeline Movie Maker turns your Facebook profile into a movie

Whether you like it or not, Facebook will switch your profile over to the timeline format over the next few weeks (if they haven't already). My experience has been mostly enjoyable, but Timeline Movie Maker takes it one step further, by turning it into a nostalgic video.

All it takes its is a click to install the Timeline Movie Maker app on Facebook and then it gets right down to business.

Using its magical scanning abilities, it looks at everything you've ever done on Facebook and plucks out some notable photos, videos and events that took place. Matched with some glowy music, it tries to force a tear out of your eye.

I'm impressed at TMM's attempt to make your Facebook timeline presentable and attractive, but at the same time, when I went to try it on my own Timeline profile, I was saddened by "A Glimpse of Raymond Wong."

All I got back was a photo of an origami crane made from a dollar bill when I first started using Facebook in 2006, a photo of a friend sleeping in an art class, a photo of an old high school friend's birthday, a photo of the KFC Double Down sandwich I ate years ago, a video of me jailbreaking an iPod Touch, a video of a friend singing karaoke, and a map saying I checked in at the Trump Taj Mahal Casino.

Sure, I got a chuckle at them, and it maybe made me smile (just a little bit, but only because I forgot about some of those events), but it didn't seem to include any of the interesting stuff that I share on a daily basis, all the Instagram photos I take and share, the thousands of iPhone photos I upload into albums, or any of my status updates.

Not sure what happened there, seeing as I did hand them the keys to my kingdom after accepting the app's agreement.

Actually, it seems like TMM skipped a huge portion of the middle years. It took lots of events from 2006 and then jumped right up to 2010 and 2011. What about 2007-2009? Maybe nothing interesting happened there. I don't know, I'm too lazy to look back.

Your mileage may vary, so it could just be that TMM thought those were the most interesting events in my life (they're not). I'll give TMM some credit though; there are some nice tracks to choose from and you can swap out some of the photos (although, there seems to be no organized way to do this, as it's just lots of manual clicks that give you random photos).

The big downer is that if you try to "remake" your video, it cranks out the same thing. No new random video with new random events...

For a distraction, it's a fun one, and that's about all TMM is.

Via Timeline Movie Maker

(Thanks Jackie!)

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